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Pointe-Claire The Empowerment Project

To be more Hardworking,

I challenge myself to Study.

Start Date:

Mar 15, 2021

Duration: 7 weeks

How will I do this?

after getting my coffee i will immediately sit down at my desk and open my computer to my to do list. while i can start slow, i need to work on simply starting. i tend to procrastinate my homework. so this way, i will make studying a daily habit and part of my routine.

Why am I doing this?

i am rising to thrive because quarantine is getting the best of me and I'm currently lacking in motivation. this is affecting my mental health and the way i feel about myself. i want to enjoy my last few months before university and making time for stress free downtime wont happen until I learn to do my homework and study first! i can have it all, the grades and the fun!

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Emma Fraser


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